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With a Kick comes alive in audio book format

I do love the ‘With a Kick’ books, and have followed the series from the moment I found the books and have snapped up every new release which has come out. This collection, written by Clare London, features four characters who I love. Two main stories for each pairing, and then two shorts which add more to the depth of the characters.

Eduardo/Eddie and Nuri
The guys come alive from Joel’s narration, and I went weak at the knees the first time I heard Nuri. The voice was different to what I had expected, but had the sexiness I’d imagined as well as the strength and warmth which makes Nuri a wonderful man.

Brian and Phiz
Oh my gosh, these guys were amazing. I loved hearing Phiz speak because it had all the traits that were written about him. He was so alive through the narration, and Joel the narrator managed the firmness in Brian’s voice to balance out the two.

I loved the stories. Having read them before, they weren’t new to me, but they were good feel stories with enough angst thrown in to make me squirm in places, but also enough that I was routing for the happy endings. A shout out should be made to the characters in the background, Patrick and Lee who run and work in the shop ‘With a Kick’ and I look forward to them in audio book format too.

Check this audio book out now, it’s a great listen.

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