Britney Spears saved my Christmas (story!)

4 December, 2017 George 0

Yes, you read that right. Miss Spears did indeed save my Christmas story. How? You may wonder, but first, let me ask you – did you know she has a Christmas single? No? Me neither! However, there’s a lovely song called ‘My Only Wish’ which I don’t think gets played […]

The Clumsy Santa by Sue Brown

The Clumsy Santa by Sue Brown

1 December, 2017 George 0

Charlie has taken a job as an Elf in Santa’s Grotto. Enter Santa, a rather tall but clumsy man who Charlie falls for. As time progresses, Charlie’s not sure if he will get to see who Santa is without the beard.

On the Third Kiss

29 November, 2017 George 0

I never set out to write a Christmas story, but when I was brainstorming with my friend, and editor, Victoria Milne, the idea of a Drag Queen and a Pub Manager getting together came to me, and I couldn’t let it go. It’s out on 5th December, 2017. I hope you enjoy it!

Up in the Air 1: Johannesburg

Up in the Air 1: Johannesburg

12 July, 2017 George 0

I am very excited to announce that my first novella is out on Monday 17th July 2017! This has been years in the making for me. I originally released it as a short story back in February 2016, but there was always so much more to tell. In my original […]


Starstuck Anthology – Marked by the Queen

13 August, 2016 George 0

I am very excited to announce that my short story, Marked by the Queen, will be available in the Starstuck anthology by Dreamspinner Press on 12th September. I had so  much fun writing this story, and even though I had to read through and edit it so many times, the ending […]

Airport Coffee

5 March, 2015 George 2

Sometimes dreams can become a reality, it just depends on whether you take up the opportunity or not.

It started with a coffee

3 February, 2015 George 6

Wide awake on my second day of being in the US, I sat at the table with my laptop out and started to write.  The sun was beginning to rise, and out came this little story.  I hope that you enjoy!