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Marked by the Queen

I am so very excited that I have the rights back to my short story; Marked by the Queen.

When Jake enters his favorite London pub, he doesn’t expect to see one of the stars of the TV show The Queens. Shelley Gardens takes him to the stage and leaves more than a lipstick impression on Jake. Jake makes sure he’s in the front row when Shelley performs the following night.When Shelley introduces Jake to Andrew, the man underneath the makeup, Jake is smitten. But his jealousy of another man being marked by the queen threatens their new relationship. Jake must prove to Andrew—and Shelley—that he’s interested in something deeper than the sparkling surface.

I’ve re-edited and cleared up some of the text for the story, which stands around 13,500 words. I have more to come from Shelley and Andrew in 2021, but for now I hope you enjoy this story.

Currently, the only way to buy the book is at ShiMMer on 22nd February 2021.

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