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Review: Zest by Clare London

Zest by Clare LondonWhile this is the second in the Accidental Baker series, Zest can be read on its own as if you haven’t read the first you still get an idea of who everyone is and what’s happened. However, Accidental Baker is a short read and will share an introduction to most of the characters that you meet in this book.

I loved this story. I’ve sat with a cup of tea that went cold while reading this. Donnie loves to bake and usually doesn’t do a great job. However, his creations from Easter led to a chance encounter with Will, a new vet who has moved into the parade of shops where Donnie lives. Clare London has created a community of characters set in this parade of shops, which allows her to pull in different people as and when she needs them, but it does remind me of how community used to be, or if you’ve watched an episode of Eastenders you will get the idea.

The romance does get ignited with Donnie and Will early on; there is an instant attraction, but you can feel the hesitancy from them both as they fumble their way through, and yet even a trio of spiders doesn’t stop them. I really liked how their issues were brought to the surface slowly as opposed to it being thrown in of all a sudden.

This is a great Clare London read, full of her wit and thoughtful process which brings you to a happy ending.

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