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Up in the Air 2: West Coast

Up in the Air 2: West Coast

Up in the Air 2: West CoastI’m very excited that my latest “Up in the Air” book is out. Max was someone I wanted to get to know more, and judging by the feedback I got from the first novella, everyone else does too. If you’ve never read Up in the Air 1: Johannesburg, don’t worry, you will know all that happened in the first book, but it is available and it’s a quick read if you want to know the mischief Max caused in the first book. Spoiler – it all ends up happy.

I hope that you enjoy reading the book as much as I have writing it. It’s available from Monday 11th June, with pre-order available. Click the link for more details. 

Max Cooper has never known love and uses drink to numb the feelings of rejection he’s faced with. It doesn’t help him in his career as an air steward when after a very drunken night his best friend swaps their flights over so Max can keep his job.

When Max flies out to Los Angeles, his patience is tested when he offers to help fellow air steward and rising drag queen, Dai Zee, with her costume changes at the best drag club in LA, Flamingos. While he watches Dai Zee perform, he catches the eye of a guy in the corner, but fails to find him when the performance ends. An ill-timed text message sends Max back to the bottle, and into the bed of a man he doesn’t know, and doesn’t want to be with.

The next night at Flamingos he finds the man he was searching for, but it’s not as easy as he’d hoped. Antonio Baldini isn’t interested in a drunken Max and rejects his advances until another drag queen, Miss Crystal, plays a hand in getting the two of them together. As Max and Antonio step past the initial confusion, they tread carefully with each other, neither one wanting to get hurt.

Even when Max is back in London, the late-night video calls don’t stop, but it’s when they are reunited in Las Vegas that things turn serious.

Max can’t shake his past, and someone is out for him and his job – trying to stop him from flying altogether. He’s worried about what it will mean for his new relationship if he can’t fly; and whether he can stay away from the drink long enough to be with a man who seems to care for him.


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