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The Clumsy Santa by Sue Brown

The Clumsy Santa by Sue Brown

Charlie has taken a job as an Elf in Santa’s Grotto. Enter Santa, a rather tall but clumsy man who Charlie falls for. As time progresses, Charlie’s not sure if he will get to see who Santa is without the beard.

This was one of those stories I couldn’t stop reading. Charlie was adorable, and the rest of the supporting characters were great. The Christmas Rules and Head Elf certainly made you feel as though you had to keep on my toes to make sure the grotto was run on schedule. The romance was quick, but you could tell that it was blossoming in the lead up to Christmas. It had a great happy ending, which I admit caused me to weep.

I would love to have known more, and maybe seen more of how Charlie and Santa aka Nick, got on. Nick was a bit elusive to me, but the description was enough to whet my appetite and Charlie was smitten enough.

This was a cheery Christmas ready which kept me entertained and got me into a festive mood.

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